Allara Briggs Pattison, is a Yorta Yorta woman who has an enchanting
glow when she performs, always gracing the stage with a passionate
grin from ear to ear. Her range of skills playing on both upright and
standard bass compliment each other. Her ears have grown large from
playing in a variety of different styles including neo-soul, jazz, country,
folk and Irish Trad to name a few.

Recently Allara has embarked on a solo project. Equipped with a loop station, electric bass, double bass and bright spirit, she pulls bow across strings to resonate dark frequencies forming emotive compositions. With orchestral harmonies mixed with electronic beats and traditional clap sticks, her sound is unique. I

Spoken word, songstress and facilitator of Wayapa, a Indigenous practice to help individuals re-connect with themselves, their spirit and the Earth, Allara takes us on a deep journey reflected by her passion’s while encouraging cultural, spiritual and environmental empowerment.