Anna first stumbled across a spoken word poetry event 3 years ago because they had a
crush on someone working the bar. They immediately fell in love with the art and have since
become a fixed performer in the Hobart scene. Their poetry is a conglomeration of rap, hip
hop, rhythm, and classical poetry, often focussing on themes of queer Christianity, lgbtq
issues, and privilege. After competing in the 2017 APS national final, they established the
regular Hobart Slam competition WhamBamSilverSlam!, and have featured at multiple
events, including Melbourne’s GriffinSlam. They returned to Sydney for the APS national
final in 2018 as the Tasmanian Slam Champion, and took out second place. To Anna, poetry
has become a lifesaver and a platform for social change. They hope you'll sit down and
really think about your privilege and your pronouns after hearing their work.