Nate is passionate about developing and delivering accessible experience based social programs as a means of engaging, connecting, reflecting, and visioning with people. He uses a variety of mindfulness based practices including rhythm, sound, movement, adventure as well as a focus on team activities in order to heal, build presence, unlock potential, set intentions and to nurture collaborative groups. He aims to use natural rhythms to help people to reconnect, with themselves, with each other, with the world and to facilitate the human ability to “move as one”. He is interested in the healthy art of celebration built for meaning and from context, which considers movement, growth and change as a rite of passage process.

Nate spent his childhood summers camping on the east coast of Lutrawita, most of his early adolescence disappearing into dreams up and down the Gorge, early adulthood exploring and discovering Leeawuleena, then working as a cave guide in Marakoopa, a discovery ranger at Narawntapu and 6 years living in Jackey’s Marsh at the foot of Kooparoona Niara. On this journey he tried to integrate into his awareness what he learnt of geology processes, climate and deep time, with what is known of human evolution, human history, and the nature of the brain and body, in order to explore his place and our place in time and space.

In 2008, he was privileged to be offered a place to train as a facilitator on the drumming based youth development program Drumbeat. Since this experience a lot of his focus has been given to using drumming and rhythm practice to learn how to connect, how to support and how to heal and grow together. He has worked for PCYC, Headspace, Education, Health and Parks and Wildlife and his workshops follow closely the influence of his personal experience, interests, education, training and work experience.