Emma is a proud palawa woman with bloodlines coming from Fanny Chochrane-Smith.  Emma works within Aboriginal Health and as a mum of a blended family of 7 beautiful children. Never considering herself as an artist, she was very humbled to receive her nomination to exhibit as an emerging Aboriginal Artist in CHOSEN.

The works that Emma creates is part of her healing and journey of creation. Her life is busy and designing works no matter how simple, helps rebuild a part of her and bring her closer to her past. Creating work helps Emma to feel a connection to her ancestors and also build contemporary creations, utilising skills and techniques that have been passed on from Elders and community, especially Aunty Verna Nichols.

Emma’s work feature many natural materials, shells, fibres and kelp and these are things she is most comfortable with. Emma enjoys the process of gathering and collecting on country as part of the full process. She often take her children and with her to share the knowledge that has been passed on to her by her Elders. Creating is also an important practice she shares with her sister and is often a time for them to reflect and support each other.

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