Luana is a proud Palawa / Wiradjuri woman living in Lutruwita with her family. A muka nawnta – Salt Water Sista her cultural connections run deep and strong. Luana’s maternal great great great grandmother was Fanny Cochrane Smith, born on Flinders Island, daughter of Tanganutura and Nicermenic. Her paternal grandfather , Jack Towney, grew up with his family on the Bulgandramine mission near Peak Hill. The Towney family include great sportspeople, knowledge keepers, artists and singers, Luana’s other Father, Brian Mansell, was a great Athlete, and proud Tasmanian Aboriginal Man, whose family come from the Bass Strait Islands and include great sportsmen, artists and activists. Her parents all instilled in her from birth the importance in being proud of where she come from, to fight for rights as Aboriginal People and to learn culture and teach it to her children so it will continue strong and far beyond her time on earth. Luana is a basket weaver, poet, painter, jeweller, learner and teacher. She is also a lover of the earth and. her artwork reflects the circle of life, and a deep respect for ningimpi withdi (Grandmother Moon).

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