Sheldon Thomas is a Traditional Original Custodian of Tasmania. He grew up in Tasmania with a strong connection to the land, sea and spirit. Culture is a strong influence in his life he is a traditional ancient Healer, he was taught by his teacher a powerful Healer Frank Ansell in Alice Springs to work with energy and learn about the old ways. He also learnt about bush medicine and making bush rubs.

Sheldon’s tribal roots come from Mannalargenna who lived on East Coast of Tasmania and Marjorie Munro from Victoria Bunurong and the bass strait Islands. In late 90s Sheldon worked with the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre managing land.

In early 2007 Sheldon was apart of a group to build the first traditional canoe with the Tasmanian museum art gallery. Sheldon put a program together to make a traditional stringy bark canoe with colony47 and the prison. Sharing and teaching knowledge with the Inmates, making a 2 man canoe over 6 metre long. All the men then paddled from Bruny island across the Derwent river to Tinderbox and back!

He has been building master traditional cones for over a decade. Sheldon has made thousands of authentic canoes all different shapes and sizes, paper bark tea tree and stringy bark.His master canoes are displayed throughout (TMAG) Tasmanian maritime museum, Parks and wild life, Melaleuca far south west, and the Sydney Maritime museum.

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