My name is Teresa Green. I live on Flinders Island where I grew up. I was born to Cyril & Shirley Green, one of 8 siblings; however, I come from one beautiful, connected, and beautiful family, and yet, three separate families of 11 brothers and sisters. My mother’s and my father’s family structures are immense and hence, I have 23 direct familial aunties and uncles –– I feel very privileged and proud to be part of this incredible familial extended structure.

I began my journey as a traditional Aboriginal shell necklace maker three years ago in a program, luna tunapri (women’s knowledge) initiated by the Museum of Tasmania in order to prevent the loss of this sacred and ancient cultural women’s art. My intention into the future is to become a knowledgeable, experienced, and confident shell necklace maker and traditional Tasmanian Aboriginal female artist.

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