Zaine Lowery is a proud descendant of the truwulway nation but born and bred pataway. Forty three years old and married to Heather for 21 of those years he is a proud father of 4 children, Kyra (19), Sophie (18), and twin six year olds, Joseph and Patrick.

Zaine feels  most connected to the premengana region and the surrounding islands.  A shot of trefoil and the dough boys would be an adequate photo to describe his connection to land. Currently a stay at home dad considering a B.A. in history who occasionally writes some thought-provoking prose for his own amusement. Honoured and humbled to been selected to be part of CHOSEN and hopes that he can honour Aunty Lola and our community accordingly.

If you would like view more of Zaine’s poetry or be informed of his readings please email below to contact us. Please include your name and if possible a mobile number.

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