“Story is a way of making sense of what would otherwise dull our minds with prattle.”

Ly de Angeles is a writer, teacher, psychic and master storyteller. First published in England in 1987 she has been in print, with one book or another, since.

Launching her new book  Genesis | The Future, Ly de Angeles facilitates Rewilding storytelling, immersive personal and group workshops, both educating and guiding, through initiatory journeys and story-sharing, powerful awakenings of ancestral presences. These experiences rip out the throat of the glib, acceptably incorrect and banal retelling of mythic half-truth and folktale. It is challenging work, but ultimately liberating, particularly for those having suffered spiritual and cultural misappropriation and oppression.

Award-winning author and film maker, de Angeles currently lives and works in Melbourne. She is an indigenous Celt (see Rivers in the Skin), has strong genealogical roots to Nordic, Irish and Breton ancestry, and is studied in the lore and story of these living landscapes. She bore three children and loves to cook. She is a scholar, a practitioner of several martial arts, a defender of culture, language, freedom of speech, gender diversity and multi-species and equality and right-to-respect.