The Nelipot Collective is a collaboration of Tasmanian artists exploring, sharing, and
expressing the complex synergy between society and the environment.  The current
production ‘ADRIFT’ comments on the important connections between the oceans,
environment, and with reference to global issues faced by humanity.  The Nelipot Collective
use dance, live music and original compositions, improvisation, and physical theatre in a
unique contemporary blend that elicits raw beauty and emotion within the audience.  The
Nelipot Collective’s aim is for their audience to feel a familiar and personal resonance with
the oceans and explore their own joy and sensitivities.

Nurture and Harvest Dance workshop

Children of all ages will enjoy this dance workshop with an emphasis on physical
care, well being, and harvesting practices.  We will warm up, learn a fun pop routine,
develop some choreography, and share our work in a fun, safe, and supportive
environment.  No dance experience needed – just a love of movement, expression,
and creativity.