Nayri Niara Centre

Connection to Country, Culture and to the Sacred, are guiding principles of Nayri Niara.

Nayri Niara primarily provides opportunities for people to realign ourselves with traditions and cultural practices which emphasises the importance of hearing the voices of our Elders, reclaiming our traditional values of honour, respect and equality, and listening to the voice of our Inner Healer /Sprit in order to promote healthier communities for the future.

We are firmly grounded in the belief that all people are equal and deserve the opportunity to move towards wholeness. With this in mind we are non-affiliated and open our doors to people from all walks of life and heritage.

Nayri Niara facilitators draw upon a vast array of experiences and knowledge. We are committed to sharing our knowledge and skills in a professional and caring manner. We are equally committed to ensuring that we ourselves continue our own healing journey in order to be present to support others on theirs

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Long.House A home HEarth for Connection - Opening Soon So grateful to all who joined us to call in good spirit and co-create this beautiful natural installation as a way for us to show our deep respect for Country, Culture, Community and the Sacred. An important...

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Kunanyi Ceremony

How can we deepen our relationship to country? How can we move into sacred relationship and sacred ways of being with country, with Kunanyi? Nayri Niara Centre collaborates to invite community to immerse in intimate experiences of ceremony and tuning in to country....

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Holotropic Breathwork

Holotropic Breathwork is a deep and powerful approach to self-exploration and healing that helps participants reconnect to their inner wisdom and to a larger whole. The word “holotropic” literally means “moving towards wholeness.” Combining insights from modern...

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IMAGE CONTRIBUTORS: • Paul Hoelen • Nikki Michail • Julie Lowe • Rob Blakers • Wayne Quillium • Rebecca Thomson • Joe Shrimpton

We Respect the Traditional Custodians of the Countries on which we work and live, Elders past and present, and all the current Custodians of the earth - working to make a better world.