Profits from our venue hire, online gallery, therapies and consultancy are invested in OUR WAY HOME Mentoring/Internship Programs.

Excelling in cultural connection and professional development opportunities ‘Our Way Home’ – Mentoring/Internship Programs delivers a flexible, place based and person-centred program that empowers participant to;
identify passions and develop a project that enlivens them,
build upon transferable skill, strengths and aspirations as well as
assists with skills to address barriers/trauma that hold people back from living fulfilling and connected lives.

Building on the successful delivery in 2018/19, this highly unique program within Australia, unites ancient traditions with modern conscious research, enhances life experiences and increase employment prospectives within the creative, events and tourism industries.

Participants reclaim connection to Community, Culture, Country, the Self and the Sacred as protective factors that strengthen their spirit, wellbeing and life purpose whilst also gaining practical industry skills.

The program targets Tasmanian Aboriginal community members (65%) and in the spirit of reconciliation and inclusiveness, also provides for non-Aboriginal Tasmanian’s experiencing disengagement (35%).

Our holistic cultural support program, which incorporates our On-Country residential
workshops, adapts conventional self-development techniques such as story and community building to incorporate perspectives and methods that come from Indigenous knowledges, languages, life-world, experiences and philosophies.


My internship with Nayri Niara has been a life-changing experience in so many ways. The personal connections I have made both from a creative and arts perspective along with the connections within the indigenous community and culture have been invaluable. I was not raised within my family of birth and have faced challenges surrounding that disconnection, identity and my own sense of belonging. My experience with Nayri Niara brought me into direct contact with community members who had known and grown up with members of my birth family. Memories were shared with me; I heard stories that I otherwise would not have heard and was able to learn about my family lineage in a way that had origins in a lived experience, was personal and left me with a deeper sense of understanding about myself that had eluded me previously. The internship provided me with both a safe and trusted space to explore these connections along with a place to vision, develop and curate ‘The Story Dome’ creative passion project. I was able to gather and showcase an amazing group of (mostly local) spoken word artists, performers and poets that proved hugely inspirational for myself, the artists and audience alike. Words, festival attendees wrote (and spoke) poetry, shared stories, sang, engaged in workshops and ultimately connected in a way that was truly magical.

Linda Brinkman