The Story Dome offers an invitation to journey into the Grandeur of Words and Word Spirit, where sharing story and preserving the oral tradition of story-telling empowers our ability for connection, healing and remembering who we are. Over three days, the Story Dome opens up a sacred space to listen and write, offering a rich program of writing, poetry and spoken word events, film screenings,
performances and workshops for people of all ages. Ceremonially by Linda Brinkman and Ama Pantaz, as a calling forth of the Muse where inspiration, play with words and deep expression can be held sacred and given the greatest power to coalesce and offer healing both individually and collectively, where freedom finds you with the world of words at your feet.

May the words of our hearts speak @ The Story Dome, NAYRI NIARA, 2019.


Story Catchers Short Film Challenge

WHO Young People, the Young at Heart, Children and Families

Workshops at 9am Saturday and Sunday in the Story Dome
Assistance from Filmmakers to Edit and Upload 9-6 Saturday and 9-12 Sunday in Story Catchers Marquee, next to Story Dome
Screening Sunday at 6pm, Story Dome

As the Festival approaches we are getting the word out to come prepared for the Story Catchers Short Film Challenge.

This handheld device film challenge is designed for Youth, Children and Families, and any age who is keen! Story Catchers Short Film Challenge was developed for those that love to produce content as their way of engaging, exchanging and listening at the festival.

There’s a new world order waiting in your pocket that anyone can access. Join the revolution of smartphone storytellers and break down the walls of the media and screen industry. The portable scale of devices allows you to gather the story that moves and speaks through you.

Workshops will teach you to listen deeply, tap into your senses and release your innate ability to weave a story. Tips, tricks, hacks and a little storytelling science will get you thinking about your audience and making a 1-2 minute film that will be screened during the festival in the Story Dome.

We’ve never staged a short film challenge over 2 days in a paddock, so all we can promise is that we’ll do our level best to get your films edited, converted and screening ready. At the best, it will be grande! At the worst we could have an amazing YouTube channel after!

Bring or Borrow from your parents any smartphone or handheld device that takes video footage.

Clear your Storage!
Make sure you have made some storage available on your phone. Video can eat up storage fast. And you’ll want to take your usual inspiring pics of the festival experience!

Bring Tripod/Stabilizer if you have one
If you have a tripod or gimbal/stabilising rig for your phone bring it, but it’s not at all essential! We’ll be letting you know about other simple ways of keeping your footage stable.

We’ll have a bit of power about but not for the whole camp so charge up your device charge batteries and bring them along.

We’re low on tech out in the paddock (we’ll do our level best to assist!) so come equipped with an editing app of your choice on your phone. The ones that come on your device are great, and there are lots of good ones out there to choose from, just beware of free version issues including publishing and watermarks.

Information Sheet Here