The Tin Camp is a healing space styled on an 1940s-50s Aboriginal camp – those often found on the outskirts of townships across Australia, back then and still now. It is intended that it will be a safe, welcoming space for people to come, sit and share stories.

The Tin Camp includes a recording studio. It is a place for music and story to go on the record for the next generation to appreciate, enjoy and learn from. Stories may take the form of art, music, spoken word, comedy or soap box.

Host and curator of the Tin Camp, Warren Mason will share with us his own personal story in relation to the camp on the outskirts of his home town of Goodooga NSW. Being a member of the first Aboriginal family allowed to live inside the township itself, the existence of the camp was central to the formation of his identity and all the questions that go with it. That of never belonging in either place. The ‘up town nigger’ to those on the camp and just a ‘nigger’ to those living in the town.

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