Introducing our Wellbeing team

Dorianne Daniels – Mukulu’s Song

Dorianne Daniels is a sound therapist trained in the Soul Voice® method. She has been a registered sound therapist since 2012 and an Authorised Soul Voice® Teacher since 2017. Dorianne holds a gentle yet supportive space for you to unfold, relax and surrender to all of who you are. Dorianne also facilitates group classes and workshops that support people from all walks of life and abilities to explore and deepen in their own unique and potent therapeutic sound language.

Mondays @ the LongHouse – other days by arrangement.

Contact mukulusong@gmail.com or phone 0410 231 183

Ruth Langford – Nayri Niara

Song woman and Story Teller, Ruth Langford draws upon the cultural knowledge of her Yorta Yorta mother and the Tasmanian Aboriginal community where she was born and continues to live.

Combining consciousness psychotherapy with over thirty years traveling the world sitting with Indigenous Elders, Senior Knowledge Keepers and World Wisdom Teachers with, Ruth Langford’s vision is to connect people to the ancient wisdom of Indigenous teachings in a contemporary and relevant context through the expression of cultural arts, ceremony and ritual.  Certified facilitator of Holotropic Breathwork and a Masters in Indigenous Health and WellBeing, Ruth offers a unique pathway to self exploration and healing.  

Tuesdays @ the LongHouse – other days by arrangement.

Contact ruth.l@nayriniaragoodspirit.com or phone 0481 120 880

Donna Mason – Donne Dreaming

Donna offers guidance and healings that allow people to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their families and/or communities – and how these relationships may be creating physical, energetic, emotional, or spiritual challenges in their life right now.

These understandings and associated healing practices (using the Forensic Healing Protocol) result in you being able to live a more empowered, embodied and love-filled life.

Wednesdays @ the LongHouse – other days by arrangement.

Contact donnedreaming@gmail.com or phone 0499 221 622

Sarah McCure

Naturopathic and Nutritional Medicine

Sarah is a naturopathic practitioner with Nutritional Medicine – ‘food as medicine’, being an integral part of her practice. Sarah has a particular interest in mental health, neurodegenerative disorders and healthy brain ageing. Sarah also works with hormonal, metabolic and autoimmune conditions and well has having a deep interest in gut health and the microbiome. Sarah supports you by creating a comprehensive, holistic and personalised treatment plan infused with a balance of evidence-based, traditional, practical and complementary therapeutic strategies that are tailored to you as an individual. Sarah sees herself a partner in your health journey and supports you to define and bring to life the healthiest version of yourself.

Compassionate Communication

Sarah first embraced Nonviolent Communication in 2009 after experiencing how this work brought together all the elements of her own practice in a way that supported the compassion and peace she longer for in her life’s relationships, including notably the one with herself. Experiencing the transformation of pain and conflict into deepening connection and mutually supportive outcomes in relationship has been a powerful impetus to support others. Sarah works one-one one, with couples or groups and in communities as a restorative circles facilitator. Sarah also supports learning with workshops and practice groups.

Holotropic Breathwork

Holotropic Breathwork is a deep and powerful approach to self-exploration and healing that helps participants reconnect to their inner wisdom and to a larger whole. The word “holotropic” literally means “moving towards wholeness.”

Combining insights from modern consciousness research, Indigenous shamanic traditions, depth psychology and the world’s spiritual traditions, Holotropic Breathwork uses accelerated breathing, evocative music, focused bodywork, creative arts expression and a supportive community environment to help participants extend their state of consciousness to induce healing.

This natural state of extended consciousness supports the emergence of our “inner healer” that guides the participant’s process and brings forth a unique healing experience.

Holotropic Breathwork is a highly experiential work recommended for those interested in their personal transformation and spiritual growth through deep inner exploration.

Developed by Dr. Stanislav and Christina Grof, Holotropic Breathwork supports people to access deep inner wisdom and liberate the innate healing potential existing within each of us. For more information about the modality of Holotropic Breathwork please visit www.holotropic.com.

We Respect the Traditional Custodians of the Countries on which we work and live, Elders past and present, and all the current Custodians of the earth - working to make a better world.