Ben Slore

EMMETT Technique

Ben Slore Body Therapist and EMMETT Practitioner

AVAILABILITY: Thursdays at the Long House


PHONE: 0438 009 852

Ben’s journey with EMMETT Therapy began after a long period of time spent searching for a treatment to relieve ongoing pain. After trying many different therapies with disappointing or short term results, Ben discovered the EMMETT Technique.

This technique involves the application of light touch to various points on the body. This touch elicits a muscle release response, easing restriction & associated discomfort while assisting a return to homeostasis within the body.

The complex & intricate relationship between the systems within the body means that this neuroreceptor release can relieve a diverse range of physical, mental & psychosomatic symptoms. Consequently, EMMETT Therapy has the potential to improve many different facets of wellbeing.

In contrast with other modalities, EMMETT Body Therapy treatments require only a small amount of targeted movements to achieve optimum benefits. Treatments typically last for between ten & thirty minutes, however 45 minutes is allowed for each consultation to provide time for discussion & proper relaxation.

Unlike massage, EMMETT treatments can be conducted fully clothed & in an upright, seated or lying position. For the best results some gentle contact with the skin may be advantageous, however the format of your treatment will depend on your individual needs.

Ben’s goal is to provide recognisable, long term results for my clients & to also teach others how to utilise these techniques. 

Ben was amazing, gentle, caring, professional and friendly . . . My body feels freer and I have not felt so relaxed in a long, long time . . . I am feeling an energy that has been missing for quite some time.