Donna Mason

Forensic Healing

Donna Mason

AVAILABILITY: Wednesdays at the LongHouse – other days by arrangement.


PHONE: 0499 221 622

Donna offers guidance and healings that allow people to gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their families and/or communities – and how these relationships may be creating physical, energetic, emotional, or spiritual challenges in their life right now.

These understandings and associated healing practices (using the Forensic Healing Protocol) result in you being able to live a more empowered, embodied and love-filled life.

I had suffered from severe migraines more than 15 years prior before experiencing Donna’s amazing healing. It was debilitating in many ways and it was affecting everyone around me. Anytime I had it, which was almost every other day, I was super sensitive to any noise and irritated, so much pain that is hard to describe.  I had been given different medications but still, they didn’t help.

One day, Donna found out about my misery and asked if she could help. I accepted and since that moment, I am me again, not even a single day I have had migraines in a period of almost 2 years! My family was quick to notice because my mood had changed for the better – I was happy again. They said I was more calm and content than before and they had missed it.

I am so grateful to Donna for her amazing healing ability, I highly recommend it.