Sarah McCure

Naturopathic & Nutritional Medicine

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Sarah is a naturopathic practitioner with Nutritional Medicine – ‘food as medicine’, being an integral part of her practice. Sarah has a particular interest in mental health, neurodegenerative disorders and healthy brain ageing. Sarah also works with hormonal, metabolic and autoimmune conditions and well has having a deep interest in gut health and the microbiome. Sarah supports you by creating a comprehensive, holistic and personalised treatment plan infused with a balance of evidence-based, traditional, practical and complementary therapeutic strategies that are tailored to you as an individual. Sarah sees herself a partner in your health journey and supports you to define and bring to life the healthiest version of yourself.


Sarah first embraced Nonviolent Communication in 2009 after experiencing how this work brought together all the elements of her own practice in a way that supported the compassion and peace she longer for in her life’s relationships, including notably the one with herself. Experiencing the transformation of pain and conflict into deepening connection and mutually supportive outcomes in relationship has been a powerful impetus to support others. Sarah works one-one one, with couples or groups and in communities as a restorative circles facilitator. Sarah also supports learning with workshops and practice groups.

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