The Nayri Niara Good Spirit Festival, is a biennual gathering of music, ceremony, knowledge sharing and arts, held in a stunning cultural landscape that is lunawunna alonnah, Bruny Island, Tasmania. Huge thank you to all who joins us for the life enhancing 2019 festival. Check out our gallery for highlights of the 2019 experience.

Sand Circle

Sand Circle

Indigenous people, and many many cultures around the world have danced on and with Country for generations. Dancing for responsibility, for ritual, for ceremony, for transcendence, and for maintaining the health, wellbeing and aliveness, of that which sustains....

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Tin Camp Studios

Tin Camp Studios

The Tin Camp is a healing space styled on an 1940s-50s Aboriginal camp - those often found on the outskirts of townships across Australia, back then and still now. It is intended that it will be a safe, welcoming space for people to come, sit and share stories.The Tin...

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Story Dome

Story Dome

The Story Dome offers an invitation to journey into the Grandeur of Words and Word Spirit, where sharing story and preserving the oral tradition of story-telling empowers our ability for connection, healing and remembering who we are. Over three days, the Story Dome...

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Good Music, Good Sharing, Good Food, Good Spirit.

Strengthening personal relationships and encouraging cohesion between diverse communities through the expression of arts is the heart beat of this Festival.


Important elements of the Festival are:

  • Honour past and present Aboriginal custodians and create opportunities for them to share and care
  • Establish and continue to build upon relationships between diverse communities
  • Promote emotional, spiritual and physical healing through exposure to local, national and international health and well-being initiatives
  • Increase a greater participation in community arts whilst providing skill development opportunities for existing and emerging arts practitioners
  • Encourage local and ethical economic growth through promoting local business and artists
  • Fulfill our cultural obligations to care for Country through enhancing peoples awareness of practices which honour all life
  • Promoting and celebrating lutruwita/Tasmania as an icon of innovation and creativity
  • The Nayri Niara good spirit Festival is a biennial first held in February 2008 and is in its fifth manifestation.

Friends made, feasts had, stories told and and souls danced.
The magic of those few days in March will be felt for a lifetime.

I have just been to what feels/felt like an incredibly important soul/spirit feeding gathering… one that has left me overwhelmingly grateful! For the people I met and felt I fully-saw, my heart is so in love, some grief but deeping in love, and to all the ancestors and spirits that held and supported us, to the land, to our mother.

– Pia Om


“Life changing”, “incredible”, “I learned so much”, “I had so much fun”
Hearing things like this makes our hearts sing!
Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us and we are ever so grateful to have been part of the experience with you.
Please keep sharing the nayri niara spirit!


2019 Festival Gallery

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IMAGE CONTRIBUTORS: • Paul Hoelen • Nikki Michail • Julie Lowe • Rob Blakers • Wayne Quillium • Rebecca Thomson • Joe Shrimpton