Creating Good Spirit

Nayri Niara is a Aboriginal owned and operated Social Enterprise creating amazing life changing experiences.

Connection to Country, Culture and to the Sacred, are guiding principles of Nayri Niara. We provide a range of healing experiences that support people to address destructive forces, heal past wounds and to open to our full potential.

Nayri Niara primarily provides opportunities for people to realign themselves with traditions and cultural practices which emphasise the importance of hearing the voices of our Elders, reclaiming our traditional values of honour, respect and equality and listening to the voice of our Inner Healer /Sprit in order to promote healthier communities for the future.

​We are dedicated to providing opportunities that not only fulfil our cultural obligations of caring for kin and Country but also to create social, environmental and economic change so that ALL BEINGS can thrive together.







Profits from our venue hire, online gallery, therapies and consultancy are invested in OUR WAY HOME Mentoring/Internship Programs.

Excelling in cultural connection and professional development opportunities ‘Our Way Home’ – Mentoring/Internship Programs delivers a flexible, place based and person-centred program that empowers participant to;
identify passions and develop a project that enlivens them,
build upon transferable skill, strengths and aspirations as well as
assists with skills to address barriers/trauma that hold people back from living fulfilling and connected lives.


My experience with Nayri Niara brought me into direct contact with community members who had known and grown up with members of my birth family. Memories were shared with me; I heard stories that I otherwise would not have heard and was able to learn about my family lineage in a way that had origins in a lived experience, was personal and left me with a deeper sense of understanding about myself that had eluded me previously. The internship provided me with both a safe and trusted space to explore these connections along with a place to vision, develop and curate ‘The Story Dome’ creative passion project.

Linda Brinkman


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